Oakwood Surplus Barn Heaters Heaters

Oakwood Surplus Barn is your connection for great prices on heating your home. We stock dual-fuel gas fireplaces and log sets. Energy efficient electric fireplaces are also part of our inventory. We also have a full line of kerosene heaters, including the Dura Heat tube blaster, wall heaters, and floor standing models. Oil filled electric heaters are also very popular for energy savings.

Fireplace Logset
Fireplace Dual Fuel Logsets

In order to lower your heating costs, Oakwood Surplus Barn gives you a host of different alternatives. For those who have an existing wood fireplace, you can easily convert it to the more efficient Dual Fuel style which will run on either natural gas or propane. Gas inserts have proven to keep more heat in the house because your flue stays closed. Save hundreds of dollars by looking at our heating supplies.

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